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Why Buildster?


It is Free for all our Clients

Clients can use Contractors in Vanderbijlpark, Vereeniging, Meyerton and Sasolburg for no extra costs. No hidden fees and no transaction fees. You pay for what you see on the quotations. We take commission from our contractors in exchange for marketing their services.

It will Cost less

By letting Contractors specialize in what they are best, will automatically bring down prices over time. It is just not possible for smaller contractors to effectively specialize in all the trades and sectors of the Building industry. Our system pushes Contractors to specialize only in certain areas. This will make them better at what they love, and it will bring down the prices as they will be more effective in doing their work.

See Ratings of all Contractors

We motivate all our clients to rate and review our Contractors after every project. This way a star rating out of 5 is built over time and by many clients. This will give our clients a good feeling of how good a Contractor is and the experience of every Contractor on our platform. Keep in mind that all Contractors also had experience before they joined our platform.

We will manage the Finances

Have you ever heard of Contractors that disappeared with deposits? Or about Contractors that take forever to finish a project and already working on their next project? We only pay the Contractors when our clients are 100% happy. Contractors will have no other choice but to finish your project in time, so they can get paid.

You get high Quality Contractors

Our systems are designed so that you will get Contractors that specialize in your project. If you have a big project, we’ll give you big Contractors, for a small project, small Contractors. If you have a leaking pipe, we’ll give you a plumber and if you have a leaking roof, we’ll give you a Contractor that specializes in waterproofing.

We will manage the Process

Request a quotation and we will get the right Contractors to contact you. We measure the time it takes them to meet the clients, submit the quotation. When Contractors are working on your project, we also follow up when they take too long to finish your project.

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